Casino newsletter

Running an online casino is no easy business. There are hundreds of high quality competitors, most of who go to great lengths to attract and keep their customers. How do you compete with them? There are many ways, and one of the most important is the development of a regular newsletter sent out to prospective customers, current customers and subscribers.

Build a Better Online Casino with Custom Marketing Solutions for Casinos

Anybody who owns an online casino will tell you that it’s an extremely unique and challenging business to be in. While it may sound simple in theory - just open up a site, take deposits, let people play games, and cash them out - the actual mechanics of it are extremely hard. There are many factors that determine if an online casino sinks or swims which is why custom marketing solutions are often needed for casinos. In the long run, it pays to have professionals who have been in the business for many years market your casino as opposed to trying to go at it yourself.

Should I Send Casino Direct Mail?

One of the broader issues facing casinos these days is whether or not to send direct mail. On the one hand, the costs of actually sending the direct mail seem exorbitantly high when considering that you can send an e-mail virtually free. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like having a physical brochure of information or having physical coupons to take into a store. Whether or not your casino should do a direct mail depends on a couple of key factors.

Old Casino Promotion Ideas Still Work if they are Creative

Casino promotion ideas may still center on heavy advertising, free drinks and playing credits, but this is because they still work. However, if your casino is in a rut and you feel like you are pouring money into a marketing campaign that is flat-lining, there are ways to teach an old dog some new tricks.

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