Casino promotion ideas may still center on heavy advertising, free drinks and playing credits, but this is because they still work. However, if your casino is in a rut and you feel like you are pouring money into a marketing campaign that is flat-lining, there are ways to teach an old dog some new tricks.

Slot Tournaments for Charity

Many casinos have slot tournaments and give a grand prize to the winner. This encourages people who normally play alone to interact and compete with others like the poker players and other gamers do. A twist on this idea would be a slot tournament for charity, with the winner taking home a grand prize for their favorite cause.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities for revenue, with people playing for fundraising teams instead of individually. This type of event can also involve a local radio station and celebrities who can all raise money through playing the slots. If this is scheduled on a slow weekend, free entertainment and hotel rooms can be provided as well.

Scratch Cards

If you have what is looking like a slow holiday weekend coming up, mail out scratch cards where everyone wins credits at the casino for that weekend only. You may even offer free rooms or a concert if you have them, so that people spend their weekend dollars at the casino. At any rate, people who may not have come out for this weekend otherwise can redeem their scratch cards during an impromptu weekend of unexpected casino fun. This can also work well for locals who can’t afford to go away for the weekend and didn’t originally consider the casino as a place to spend time.

Senior Events

The key to maximizing income from senior citizen events is to make them regular. A regularly scheduled event, like on the first or fifteenth of the month becomes a habit that seniors look forward to and include in their budget. These events can be early in the morning and can include breakfast. A bus is a good idea, but the main thing is to make sure that senior day is the same every month or week, so that the seniors can make arrangements to get there.

Free Drinks and Food

Free drinks and food is a staple at casinos and people take them for granted. A way to get more out of what you are giving anyway is to market this feature to party planners. Party planners are the people who organize office parties, family reunions, birthday parties, and events for organizations. Get these people to host their happy hours at your casino, and section off an area where they can enjoy their ‘free’ event. This attracts people who normally wouldn’t come to the casino but who are obligated to go to the event. They might be repeat customers at the casino once they have a good time with people they know.

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