Digital Lime provides with email marketing solutions to Online Casinos around the world. The company’s solutions for online gambling are based on a reliable, simple and professional software. We combine the advantages of an advanced software and the unique knowledge needed to succeed in the internet gambling world.

We give you the edge by combining two worlds: an excellent software and our expert knowledge in Online Casinos. You will benefit from inwise - a high standard email marketing technology provider that already has thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Our expertise adds to the software’s abilities – we know how to use it for Online Casinos’ needs. In addition we will help you utilize it to the maximum and enjoy outstanding results.

The technology we use is utilized in many kinds of businesses and organizations for more than ten years. Some of its most important advantages are high deliverability rates and full real time statistics. Some of the most known brands in the world trust this software and use it as a main tool to cultivate their relationships with their customers. We welcome you to join them.

We do not buy/sell recipients lists. We do not support these kinds of actions and do not take part in them. We support sending solicited emails only.

You can use Digital Lime by either using the technology alone or joining our professional services. The software is smart and simple, and we’re sure you’ll find it easy to use. If you would like to enjoy our unique knowledge in marketing, the Online Casinos field and our expertise in using the software and get even better results – our professional services are just for you. These services will be based on your personal needs and resources.

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